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Universal-boot (mini) v18.01.09 by adguard [Eng] Versions of loaders: 7601, 9600, 16299.15 / v18.01.09
Author of assembly: adguard
Interface language: English
Legalization: does not require
System requirements:
Minimum requirements:
* Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or is more.
* RAM: from 1 gigabytes (GB)
The recommended requirements:
* Processor: 1,5 gigahertz (GHz) or are more.
* RAM: from 2 gigabytes (GB)
Universal-boot — bootable images of CD & USB, based on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 PE x86\x64. In assemblies there is a small amount of application (Acronis, Paragon, SmartFix and Total Commander) enough programs for operation with the sections HDD, system recoveries, creations of a tuned image of system.

Composition of programs:

= Setup for Windows (build 16299.125) [with support of the Multi/38 languages];
= Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset [for each WinPE the Microsoft DaRT];
= Total Commander (9.12);
= SmartFix (1.5.7);
= Acronis® True Image™ 2018 (;
= Acronis® Disk Director™ 12 (;
= Acronis® Universal Restore™ (;
= Paragon® Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium (

Additional information:

boot.wim can be used as the modified Windows installer 7\8\8.1\10 x86/x64. The main difference from original — existence of additional opportunities and utilities.
There is no installation from under Windows!
Installation at image h86 or h64 is carried out by copying of contents of Universal-boot entirely, agreeing to changeover.

It is even more bla-bla:

In the version of Universal-boot from Windows 7 — there is no support of drivers from USB 3.0|3.1 and M2 of memory.
In versions of Univeral-boot from Windows 8.1 there shall be a support of USB 3.0 drivers, and in the version from Windows 10 still support by the USB 3.1 driver + drivers for memory M2. I ask to check who in existence has such iron (as itself will be entered by this version).

Installation at image:


For a basis the installer from Windows 10 (build 16299.125) is used — it gives the chance of installation from install.esd in the loader from Windows 7 any Windows versions (from the seven and to new insider ten). This installer is used in all loaders of this version.
PS> If you found some jamb in assembly, please, leave the message about a problem which you found.

Where did the WinBoot project get to?

The project of Universal-boot it is also the former WinBoot project (a transfer of the project is made). There will be two Mini and Full versions (new Full the version will be within a month)

Known errors:

* in case of reset at the loader BSoD can jump out;
* if you make installation of OS and you received BSoD in case of reset after unpacking of Windows archive, then it is not critical as installation will continue further.


CRC-32: d599beb0
MD5: 1a11aee6a4400c5892a5d2e79b0741b4
SHA-1: abfcafd623392cb66e797cf11f9f0230c56aaf55
SHA-256: d08ab04364d78cab00c1bbba33906a66cddb2794b21f519e3c7567a0ab71dfed
CRC-32: f258248f
MD5: c6729b4efe9407c169259ffde7808a8d
SHA-1: a633c13270901b720214ef35fdac0d0d9e52fb0e
SHA-256: 8858b3796c628e237be6f673797540d9ef948026d2ef398e56e144436bb8218d
CRC-32: dc5ad08d
MD5: c102c85001e578f1de28a9fabf9ae0f4
SHA-1: dd719fc6a2768e1d973cf15a015cfd780df83046
SHA-256: ff3a326ebd0ee001c5fc949f512e28507e6773b3e620d62b7a2a31b76bb98f36
CRC-32: dc5b27d4
MD5: ca674634d4992cd8be4c0928ef201228
SHA-1: e253c36227a7ecd97712ee797c4ef922c4c7cbc3
SHA-256: fb1d289b598a93f72c3b990e69cd62bd67dd6ae544f715908a899b546436d655
CRC-32: a69600ac
MD5: f05729ffd63832f1f63d2781ef2e0f8f
SHA-1: 78191b270e1695ec817baa7091e1268ded06f411
SHA-256: 6c485252653032a568cc7f9acd702f3493e0b0434a852e93d8c4b8a6a54a9dc9
CRC-32: 0f2c638a
MD5: 47f146eb1dfb09ab91e10b07878b0227
SHA-1: 18d4a9ffd8ea00f9133c7ff057ca3cec2e33b635
SHA-256: a75720dce498889342a81c1661fbfb15c1aec3cca5d581b777ba0a27571b3b00

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